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InspirationOur story begins with displacement and loss.

Our founder Dimitrios’ family were Greek refugees from Odessa (Ukraine) and Smyrna (Asia Minor) in the 1920s. His father’s side was then displaced again from Kavala (Greece) to Athens during WWII. Though they lost their homes, what they carried with them was their culture and their food.

When Dimitrios migrated to Australia about a decade ago, he carried their food with him too and now it’s available to you, through The Original Greek.

Our products are handmade according to our family’s original recipes, but also embrace the flavours and needs of modern Australian life.

We make all our products fresh in Melbourne, then freeze and package them for you to quickly and easily heat and eat at home. They’re available at selected independent supermarkets, providores, grocers and convenience stores.

Our family love them because they offer a real taste of the original Greece. We hope you’ll love them too!

The Original Greek